Ganga Soul of Indian Culture

by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet


Ganga soul of Indian Culture coverSummary: The importance of this publication cannot be overstated. It illuminates Ganga's role in physically establishing Sanatana Dharma on Earth. It demonstrates geographical, cosmological and yogic truths by which India can cast off all that keeps Her from rising to the heights of Her great dharma. 'Ganga's passage from Cosmos to Earth is like a massive Aorta that supplies the entire nation with a psychic essence, far more important than the material benefits she brings to the lands she moves through. Ganga is the bloodline of the Dharma primarily because her myth provides the secrets to the correct cosmic connection that is so essential for the Sanatana Dharma to maintain.' This monograph is essential reading for any who wish to understand how Vedic Knowledge, once restored, conquers superstition by illuminating the real meaning underlying India's cultural myths and symbols.

Order Information: Aeon Centre of Cosmology's latest publication 'Ganga, Soul of Indian Culture - Her Descent to Earth', a monograph of 27 pages, glossy, illustrated, is available for purchase through Aeon Group USA ($9.00, plus postage) and Aeon Centre of Cosmology, India (Rs 360). It is available in English and in Hindi. Contact Patricia Heidt in India ( or Aeon Group in USA (

A Summary of the Points made in this Monograph:

1)     Astronomers and the pundits who champion their brand of ‘scientific temper’ are measuring in the wrong circle – the sidereal sphere of the constellations and not the tropical zodiac with its balancing pillars of equinoxes and solstices.

2)     There are two measurements contained in Ganga – Space and Time. Far more significant for Bharat and the Sanatana Dharma is her time measure, since she is the consort of Mahakala.

3)     The equinoxes and solstices are the means to attain perfect accuracy for determining the exact moment of entry into Makar/Capricorn. This is ‘written’ in the position of Ganga herself on the body of Bharat.

4)     There can be no consensus between the pundits on the timing of  Makar Sankranti in the current Nirayana system because it turns its back on the sacred-most December solstice. There is no contemporary ‘science’ that can help, but only the science of the soul in Ganga’s myth.

5)     It is futile to set up contemporary science as the yardstick to assess the quality and scope of the ancient knowledge. ‘Science’ of old was based on a different parameter and vision, lacking in all of today’s disciplines. Certain tools used then and now are the same, and therefore they must be utilised to make any assessment: the 12-part tropical zodiac, and the planetary/orbital harmony. Assessment must be done in reverse order. How close is science today to the Unity Consciousness of the Rishis?

Quotes from Ganga Soul of Indian Culture: ‘We find sense and purpose not through lifeless dogmas but by revealing that the Sanatana Dharma is the repository of all that is good and true in the world we inhabit; and that it is indeed eternal, bearing within the key to everlasting renewal, conveyed precisely through the eternally-flowing sacred River that has descended to Earth, bringing the cosmos within our reach. All we need to do is accept and learn the cosmic script the ancients made such relentless efforts to preserve for us, so that today we can appreciate that our position on the third planet in our solar system is unique. Here, and only here, the drama of evolution unfolds to carry us upward a notch on the ladder of an ever-expanding consciousness. If we listen to her voice, Ganga can be the guide: she sets the pulse for the new Indocentric cosmology; she is the heartbeat of the soul of the Earth.'