September Letters by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet


Symbols and the Question of Unity coverSummary: How is the world truly transformed? Is it through politics? The ‘best’ economic system? An evolved psychology?  Scientific progress? Or by finding the ‘right’ religion?

Written to a 15 year old “actively involved in her country’s intense and painful struggle to attain political, social and economic well-being”, (Introduction, ‘September Letters’) these letters speak to all who yearn to participate in creating a better world.

The author tenderly reveals that NO action will prove effective until we realize we are all “bound to the wheel of mechanical Nature”, 'ignorant of the real powers that are at work which go far beyond our limited vision of the exterior and obvious problems of mankind.'  Political movements, social structures, religions are all tools used by Nature to perpetuate the status quo: 'People believe they are working for one side or another, but they do not realize they are merely being used by a power greater than themselves, which utilizes the factor of opposition because of the vibration of tension this creates'.

Recognizing the myriad ways one is bound to mechanical Nature is only the first step. We must free ourselves from its shackles. But how? The answer does not lie in trying to ‘transcend’ Nature, or positing our consciousness outside of this material creation.

The reader is guided through a description of the fourfold nature of reality; is shown the ‘mechanics of evolution’ as it were. We come to understand what it really means to have a marriage of Spirit and Matter, and to appreciate the necessity for each individual, as well as the collectivity, to go deeply within, discover our Soul, and allow IT to be our guiding Light.

Pbk., 63 pp., 1974