The Magical Carousel & Commentaries by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet


The Magical Carousel coverThe Magical Carousel is a simple yet profound tale of two souls on an evolutionary journey. The reader follows Val and Pom-pom on a zodiacal odyssey toward the discovery of their inner truth and purpose. The tale, which appeals to child and adult alike, is a parable of the universal process by which individual souls take birth on Earth and grow into a more complete union with the Divine Consciousness upholding all Creation.

Commentaries is the companion text of The Magical Carousel in which the author analyses the symbolism of the children's journey and discusses the zodiac as a universal 'Cosmic Script' necessary for comprehension of eternal truths of being, such as are found in the ancient Rig Veda. 'Commentaries' begins with a quote from The Secret of the Veda by Sri Aurobindo:

'The letter lived on when the spirit was forgotten; the symbol, the body of the doctrine, remained, but the soul of knowledge had fled from its coverings.'

(Two volumes) cloth, slipcase, illustrated, 153 & 152 pps., 1979; ISBN: 0945747306 - $36.00



Author's Comments: 'I was suddenly flooded with inspiration for a book on astrology of a totally new order, like nothing that had ever been written on the subject.  Images began to take shape before my mind’s eye of a fantastic journey through the zodiac.  The vision I had developed in the zodiac in my first book (Symbols & The Question of Unity) was now to be presented to children, in allegorical form, where all the symbol-meanings of the signs would be personified in figures in a land of fable in the manner of a fairy tale. . . . The story was as if projected on a screen in my forehead, between my eyebrows.  All I had to do was to follow this projection and record what I ‘saw’.  The stream of images was so powerful and consistent that for the period of the influx I could do nothing but give in to this force and allow myself to be transported into the magic world of fantasy, an experience unknown to me until then. . . . It seemed a splendid way to introduce young people to the world of higher knowledge in a manner that assured a deeper understanding of its truth-essence.' – Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The Tenth Day of Victory

Aries Door The Magical Carousel
: 'All the lands rejoice on this twenty-first day of March, the beginning of a new cosmic year. The day is especially important for two Earth children who are the main characters in this story. They are being sent to Saturn in the family’s rocket for a vacation with their grandparents who live on that planet. All alone they’ll travel because the rocket will be guided from Earth and Saturn. There is so much excitement. Many preparations have been made and the children are scrubbed clean, their bags neatly packed. The rocket is filled with the necessary provisions and in no time Val, short for Valentina, and Pom-pom – whose real name has long been forgotten – find themselves soaring into space. In the beginning all goes well, but on the ninth day a most peculiar thing happens. . . .' 

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