The New Way, Volume 3 by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

A Study in the Rise & Establishment of a Gnostic Society


The New Way Volume 3 coverSummary: 'This third volume of The New Way was written in its entirety in November, 1983 . . . . It is dedicated to those who wish to assist at the birth of a new world. However, to do so a transform-ation of the individual and society is required, as a simultaneous process. This document reveals how a bridge is constructed between the two, and how, on this basis, the paradoxes that neither spirituality nor science can resolve are finally rendered obsolete. After studying this text [the reader] can no longer view the world as before. One's perceptive eye is transformed . . . .' – The New Way, Volume 3, Dedication

This volume discusses in depth important issues our civilisation must face in our journey towards a higher world order, including but not limited to, the schism between Islamic and Judeo-Christian religions, the schism between science and religion, the Genesis of Man, the evolution of Consciousness, 'Time and the Cell', 'Manifesting the Divine Person', a unified and whole vision of Time, 'Time's Precision in the Supramental Yoga', 'Foundations of the Supramental Yoga', the Mother's Temple, and Leonardo DaVinci's Vitruvian Man. Certain cosmological keys are also discussed by which the lens of mankind's perception of reality is focused and made capable of fathoming universal and eternal Laws of Being and Becoming.

'If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9
then you would have a key to the universe.'
Nikola Tesla (1856-1943)

Pbk., photos, diagrams, index, 400 pp. 2005; ISBN: 0-945747-03-9 - $36.00



Chapter 16, The Mother's Temple, Our Guide: 'To go with the flow and not against it, is the secret. Many quests have encouraged the same attitude; however while extolling this method they have concurrently withheld reality from the field in which this flow must occur. This has created an even greater conflict in the human spirit and laid waste all our efforts to establish a life of peace and goodness on this Earth. The Earth is denied, her laws of harmony are rejected. Time and Space are considered the seeker's prison – hence the result has been a definite counter-current, notwithstanding claims to the contrary. Proof of this turbulent state lies in the fact that spirituality and religion have not been able to carry humanity up the scale of evolution and into a new destiny. Rather they add their weight to the forces of destruction, the overpowering pull of Inertia.' pp. 202-203
The Universal Being - Leonarda DaVinci's Vitruvian Man in The New Way
Chapter 16, The Mother's Temple, Our Guide:

'Leonardo's drawing, Man in the Circle and Square, is another way of describing the cosmic harmony centred in the human frame . . . man is here the measure. The individual can realise the harmony in his or her own body, and Leonardo shows us in his splendid drawing the reality of our place as a species within the cosmic harmony of truth.' p. 207

Chapter 20, The Birth that Fills the Void: 'All circles converge on the seat of the One, the navel pivot of the Circular Man, symbol of the transformed gnostic being. All that was experienced, seen, realised above has to be drawn down by the seeker and made the platform of his being in material creation.' p. 318

Leonardo DaVinci's Vitruvian Man superimposed on Sri Aurobindo's Symbol
Chapter 16, The Mother's Temple, Our Guide: 'The cos-mos is harmonised in man, or man becomes the image of the Absolute when the balanced axis of his consciousness-being is forged, when the individual finds his or her true core, when the being is perfectly centred. This is beautifully expressed in Leonardo's drawing seen in the superimposition because the centre of the circular man is in the heart of the Lotus of Sri Aurobindo's symbol. This is the seat of Agni, according to the Vedic tradition . . . where divinity is realised and humankind can express its divine nature and immortal truth of being.' p. 209

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