The Tenth Day of Victory
by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea)

An Initiation and Beyond
Volume Two, Book One


The Tenth Day of Victory cover DurgaSummary: The Tenth Day of Victory, Volume 2 (Book One) of this autobiographical study picks up at the time of the Mother’s departure in 1973 when she passed on to her several valuable keys of knowledge. With these Thea entered into a world of higher knowledge and formulated what has come to be known as the New Way. With impeccable honesty Thea describes in the book the events that led her to take up the struggle to have the Mother’s Temple in Auroville India built according to her vision and original plans.

From the Back Cover: ‘Gnosis, just as Sri Aurobindo had explained was the key factor that could turn the tide and illumine those dark chambers of our consciousness-being until we no longer embody darkness but only the golden supramental Light permeating every part of our bodily instrument. I learned that as we are even now fashioned, as imperfect as we believe ourselves to be, it is possible to live a superior existence in this world so full of its own shadows, and that the marvel of it all is the possibility of not only witnessing the transformation of life on Earth but of realizing our necessary participation, our instrumentation.’ (p.196)

Paperback, original pictures and letters, 378 pp., 2014; ISBN 0-945747-34-90
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Excerpt from Chapter 28: 'When an overview of my yoga is done it becomes evident that the Gnostic Circle provided the backdrop of a very unique process involving Time. To my knowledge, no other yoga engaged time in any manner at all. Rather, it was the cosmic property to eschew for what was considered a real spiritual experience. True, there was the individual's horoscope that could serve as an indicator of certain periods in one's life when a particular aspect in the natal chart might come to fruition; but it was isolated from the rest of the manifestation. This was something very different.

'The Gnostic Circle was a pattern - indeed, a wheel of Time. One entered the wheel at will, or when a certain awareness came to the fore which would permit a movement of this unorthodox sort, when the choice was made to 'grow into' the pattern the Circle indicated. The ultimate goal of humanity was the creation of a new consciousness, a new realignment of one's consciousness-being. No wonder Sri Aurobindo ended his presentation of the new Yoga at the portals of Time. His masterpiece, The Synthesis of Yoga, reveals the central position he knew Time to occupy in the evolution of the Supermind, but he went no further than to point the way. The actual development of the process, implying the need to tread the path in order to open up new vistas, was to come later, when the Formula he searched for assiduously had been completed. For that Time itself held the key. It could only be unveiled after 1971. (pp. 181-182)