The New Way, Volumes 1 & 2 by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet

A Study in the Rise & Establishment of a Gnostic Society


The New Way coverSummary: The New Way, Vol(s). 1 & 2 is, true to the subtitle, 'a study in the rise and establishment of a gnostic society.' This is not a study of how things could be one day, but is rather a detailed description of the Knowledge or Gnosis that has been quietly but solidly introduced to mankind over the past century, and a view into how that Knowledge is the basis and force of an epic re-organisation and re-orientation towards a truth-consciousness and a higher realisation of the potentialities of life on Earth. The reader is confronted with the proposal that fathoming the higher purpose, function and mechanics of evolution, time, numbers and symbols is absolutely necessary for those who wish to witness, cultivate and help establish a Gnostic or Supramental consciousness on Earth. Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) and the Mother of Pondicherry (1878-1973) are herein recognised and discussed as the primary catalysts for the establishment of the New Gnosis. Ms. Norelli-Bachelet discusses in depth the sacred geometry and symbolism contained in the blueprints of the Mother's Temple.*

'. . . as of 1956, the truth-consciousness or supramental force became an active part of the Earth evolution. This event radically altered the then existing patterns and now other methods are possible for the working-out of the planet's destiny. There is presently in evidence the process of a self-generated caving-in of the old powers, without the need of any outside intervention . . . .' p. 33

Pbk., foldouts, photos, maps, diagrams, index, 601 pp. 1981; ISBN: 0-945747-06-3 - $45.00



Chapter 1, The Old Earth – 'Science and Spirituality Move Together': 'With the great and bold forward thrust of Science the Earth can no longer abide in the passive and tamasic pace of today's spirituality. She can no longer afford to sleep, lulled by the somniferous promises of heavens above and nirvanic voids beyond. The Earth is bound onto the crushing wheel of contracting Time and the tremendously rapid and overpowering expansion of Space. The Earth, as does the entire System, exists within the two simultaneous movements of contraction and expansion. This is the reality of her existence. These are the laws to which she is obliged to adhere. And it is this sin of spirituality, this abandonment and refusal to accept the laws of universal manifestation, under the pretext that a salvation may be found beyond and without them, that is responsible for civilisation's present inner disintegration. The priests, the pandits, the yogis have proclaimed that the way of salvation lies beyond Laws, in a removed static void – whatever the name they have given to this state. . . . If indeed spirituality means otherworldliness, freedom from the laws of manifestation, a possibility of extracting oneself from the wheels of Time and hence from the process of evolution, then indeed it has no right to interfere in the teeming life of the planet. . . . The Earth wants fulfilment. She too turns to whomever can offer her the way. She turns now to Science because it is only Science that has listened to her call, on a world-wide basis. And though Science is ignorant in its response, it has at least responded.' pp. 15-17

Chapter 7, The Centre – 'The Method of Collective Soul Realisation': 'A sorting out process is in effect, the final result of which is the emergence of a unified collective consciousness, gathered together because of the experience of a common Seeing and pledged by this Seeing to the establishment of a new light upon Earth. . . . by transcending Mind the veils are shed and the individual and the collectivity begin to see. Everything then is made new. One then sees what has always been but which had been veiled because one had not the 'eyes' with which to see.' pp. 92-93

India latitude longitue TNWChapter 11, The Beginning of the Chamber's Time - 'India and the New Seed of Time, the Seed of Victory': 'All present- day historical analysis ignores the higher and esoteric destiny patterns of nations, and in consequence the course of a nation's history and the character and actions of its major protagonists are often misunderstood. When analysis is broadened to include these superior patterns to which a country and a people are made to adhere, events are transfigured before our eyes and it becomes difficult to label them as 'good' and 'evil'. There is simply the flow of time and the evolutionary role each nation and its leaders are obliged to follow; and this is understood to be something altogether impersonal, wherein the participants are simply seen fulfilling a role necessary for the given time-span, which is determined by the needs of the moment for the sake of the evolution of a collective consciousness. Each action is correct in its own Time.' p. 155

*In addition to the information in The New Way, Volume 1&2 (and in TNW Volume 3) regarding the Mother's Temple, readers are invited to visit for an elaborate description of the difficulties encountered and distortions made in the construction of the Temple. [Link]

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