An Announcement – Matrimandir Action Committee

Matrimandir Action CommitteeMatrimandir Action Committee is pleased to report to all those who value the original vision and plan of the Mother’s Inner Chamber that a very significant breakthrough has occurred concerning the main objective of the Chamber.

As I have conveyed in various publications, the principle purpose of the Chamber is to serve as a Cosmic Timepiece. The reason is that with the appearance of each of the Ten Avatars of Vishnu’s line, a RE-SETTING of the Cosmic Clock must take place in order to establish the Zero Convergence Point from where measuring can begin for Vedic purposes. A ‘slippage of time’ occurs inevitably. Without this adjustment, which can only come to pass through revelation, sruti, the Line of Ten cannot be verified, order cannot be maintained, and chaos is the result, similar to what prevails today in matters Vedic. They cannot fulfil their duty to re-establish the Dharma.

For this purpose we started the Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom (MRVW). Again, the primary goal of this Movement was to draw the public’s attention to the falsehood prevailing in the wrong measure adopted for the timings of rituals and astrological calculations prevalent today; a divergence from the Vedic Way began several centuries ago. The Movement’s objective has been to expose the wrong claims of those who further this divergence. Similar to the architect’s false claims regarding the Mother’s Chamber – that their version is ‘the Mother’s original’ – astrologers proffering the deviation from the Veda also claim that theirs is the true ‘Vedic Astrology’. In effect, like the architects’ building in Auroville, it is far from being Vedic. With the currently adopted system for temple rituals the Line of Ten Avatars cannot be seen and verified. As a consequence, the incongruous situation arose that Gautam the Buddha was included as the 9th on a list where he does not belong.

Now a breakthrough has occurred in this vital area in which the Mother’s vision stands central. Its main purpose is being fulfilled. The document prepared for the MRVW, The Dawn of a New Era, here attached, explains the development and hence the importance of the times.

The Convenor
Matrimandir Action Committee
5 July 2007