Announcement 2 – Matrimandir Action Committee

Matrimandir Action CommitteeFurther to the first Announcement regarding the important breakthrough in matters Vedic connected to the Mother’s vision of the Inner Chamber, this additional material, with specific references to the Chronicles of the Inner Chamber (CIC) that MAC has been posting to interested parties throughout the world, will further clarify how the Chamber becomes a corrective Cosmic Time-Piece to serve the Vishnu Avatars.

This ‘service’ is rendered only when the accurate measurements are maintained as given by the Seer – in this case the Mother. Therefore it is stated in the Mahamaya of ancient times,

‘If the measurement of the temple is in every way perfect,
there is perfection in the universe as well’ (XXII, 92).

These words are inspired by the same wisdom we find throughout the MAC Chronicles, for example in those where the Sacrificial Year is discussed that has to be RE-SET to bring it back to the Vedic alignment. It is further to be noted that in disregarding the importance of a meticulous care in incorporating the measurements as given in the plan drawn up by the Mother herself, in addition to all the design details she had specified, the present building in Auroville readying to be inaugurated has no significant purpose except to serve as a political toy. Whereas, in the Chronicles of the Inner Chamber the precise PURPOSE of the Mother’s original vision and plan is explained in great detail, revealing the method whereby Order is restored to the universe and heaven descends upon Earth.

The most significant and relevant measurements given by the Mother are 1) the diameter of the Globe – 70 cm; and 2) the length of the descending solar Ray – 15.20m., from the top of the Chamber to the top of the Pedestal. This indicates a horizontal and a vertical measuring process. Without these the task of re-setting the Cosmic Timepiece cannot be accomplished; without these two measurements there can be no re-setting, and then the Hindu Line of Ten ceases to exist as the central Axis of Hinduism and its binding force. The Epics themselves drift into irrelevancy and the Dharma is lost forever.

With these two measurements it is established that the Vedic Sacrifice, extended over the 365-day Earth Year, rests on the four Cardinal Points. In Chapter 1, Volume 2 of The New Way (Aeon Books 1981), the exact details of this spectacular revelation are given, with accompanying diagrams (p. 219) that indicate how the Equinox of 21/22 March comes into being at the exact centre of the Globe. This is called the Year of Space, and its structure is fourfold and twelvefold.

However, of equal if not more importance is the Year of Time, extended down the very same solar Ray (‘cow’/gau) of 365 days; its structure is threefold and ninefold. But this sacredmost measurement indicates the year of Sri Aurobindo’s passing and how and through whom his return would occur. Based on the measurement of the Globe, the Pedestal’s height is extracted (CIC 7); thereby we are informed of the year that this Return would transpire, – 1963, or 13 years after 1950. None of this is verifiable or even at all perceivable if the Nirayana system of Nakshatras is the basis used in temple worship and calendar specifications.

Therefore we state that the Avatar, and ONLY the true Evolutionary Avatar and not the Usurpers, comes to re-establish the Dharma by re-setting the Cosmic Clock which mechanism is his own cosmic credentials. None of the Usurpers can lay claim to equal cosmic credentials which in themselves are able to re-set the Universal Clock to its accurate Zero Point and restore the Vedic Order as traced across the cosmic horizon by Vishnu Trivikrama. Only the Divine Maya can serve Vishnu in this sacred Mission. But to obstruct Him, to seek to have Vishnu fail to execute his perfectly measured Strides, the Usurpers must preserve the prevailing false and un-divine Maya that has been ruling over the Hindu fold for far too long.

Therefore, is the Mahamaya ‘fanciful’ or ‘quaint’ when it sings of the ‘perfection of the universe’ coming into being when the measurement of the temple ‘is in every way perfect’?

Matrimandir Action Committee
and Movement for the Restoration
of Vedic Wisdom
7 July 2007

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