A Tale of Two Temples

The Mother's Temple from The New Way by Patrizia Norelli-BacheletA summary of the significance of the Matrimandir inaugurationin Auroville based on the architects’ revised plan, paralleled by completion of the 36-year Supramental Yoga according to the Mother’s original vision and plan*On the surface it would appear as if there has been only one temple, one Matrimandir being built – the physical construction in Auroville. Little is known of the other ‘temple’, the one based on the Mother’s original vision and plan, the one whose centre-core she described as ‘the symbol of the future realisation’ which MAC has been explaining to its readership. Given the deep and revolu-tionising significance she attributed to that Core, it is obvious that only through the most intense processes of a supramental Yoga could that ‘future realisation’ be constructed and made a part of the evolutionary process on Earth. This has been the purpose of the two parallel Temples. In the Hindu Churning of the Primordial Ocean myth, the process is described impeccably, revealing thereby how Myth is an eternal experience of the human soul across the ages. The reason for this dual experience, one on the surface, the other hidden deep below, has been that by this combined effort the most important labour of the 20th Century would be completed successfully: the Third Millennium could then begin on this resounding note of Victory.

It is a fact that both processes have paralleled each other from the very beginning. In January 1970, the seed was planted by the Mother for this revolutionary breakthrough because she had penetrated the realm where that Temple exists perennially. That breakthrough could not be erased. She had neither the power nor the authority to do so. It is the secret Chamber where the eternal Knowledge is stored, and renewed when required for the purposes of the Divine Plan during each descent of Vishnu’s avatars; but never as impressively and as clearly as it has been in this 9th Manifestation of the Supermind. Thus that ‘renewal’ was upon us, its time had come. As the Time-Spirit’s faithful instrument, exactly on time the Mother opened the golden doors to permit all now to have the vision of the Inner Chamber ‘closed and mute’, just as Sri Aurobindo described it in Savitri in every detail (Book I, Canto 5).

The process we have lived through in this tale of two temples is unparalleled in the spiritual evolution of the Earth. I propose to make that evident in this brief summary in commemoration of the inauguration of the physical building in Auroville, and the completion of the first 4×9 cycle of the Supramental Yoga. This 36-year period of Yoga covered all four planes of existence, – physical, vital, mental and supramental. During those four passages of 9 years each, all four levels were brought into the parameters of the experience and integrated to form one seamless Whole wherein all the details of the Supramental Manifestation would be transcribed. It was both a model of Knowledge for Knowledge’s sake, as well as a working model full of a new Power manifesting on Earth. Now that work is done.

All of 1970 was a preparatory period. The vision was brought down and, to use the Mother’s own words, the Divine Consciousness was called upon by her to ‘sort out the people who could build the temple’. Naturally human consciousness being what it is, those in the Mother’s entourage could not imagine that this command would resound far and wide beyond the boundaries of the Ashram and Auroville. Indeed, in March of that same year, we have the first factual evidence of the action of that Power when The Magical Carousel was ‘received’ very far from the physical site, but where many details of the Chamber of the Mother’s original vision were recorded though there was no connection with the embodied Mother at the time. Interestingly, in its 10th Chapter not only was the chamber described but its divine Purpose was also preserved for posterity. This was the first foundation laid for the execution of the Mother’s vision and plan. The deviations made in the physical construction by the builders were also pointed out in this tale when it was made clear that there were no openings in the walls; and, more importantly, that entry into the Chamber was through the floor, just as prescribed by the Mother in her original. These important items were eliminated in the architects’ physical rendition, but preserved in the story to serve at a later date when the ‘sorting out’ would bear fruit and those entrusted with the Yoga of the Chamber would be gathered together at the Mother’s side to carry through to completion the purpose for which her vision had taken place.

The remarkable feature is that the physical labour was as necessary as the subtle and hidden labour. The two had to parallel each other for this great achievement, the details of which can only be revealed now that the work is done.

After 1970 the real paralleling began. In 1971 those who had been ‘sorted out’ were gathered in Pondicherry from different parts of the world. It was only then that the foundation-digging could begin. It was a 9-power year and perhaps the most significant of all such years in the last millennium in that 1971 set on its way the final 27 years of the century (and the millennium), during which 3×9 years the special Yoga of the Chamber could be completed; the world would never be the same.

And so it did happen. Meanwhile the physical construction went on, oblivious of the other operating in the higher dimensions of Yoga and based on the Mother’s original vision and plan, seeing only the physical as having any relevance. For it must be stated clearly that it was the plan with all its minutely given measurements that made the process possible. Thus, the vision came first, but it was immediately followed by the plan the Mother drew up and where she passed on the sacred dimensions that would forever after serve the Supramental Community with every detail of the new world that was being born. The vision alone could not suffice. If matters had ended there we could not speak of a supramental creation. Fortunately for the Earth, this was not allowed. Also, all the details were arranged so that nothing was lost and everything would proceed exactly according to plan – indeed, the Divine Plan the Mother left as a ‘schedule’ of sorts to serve as guide in the difficult and dangerous years of Yoga to follow.

29 March 2007

* Moderator’s Note: There was a Temple inauguration planned for the Mother’s birthday 2007, but since it was not finished, it is not clear whether the inauguration ceremonies were performed or if there is still to be a subsequent inauguration, in February of 2008. Any clarification on this matter is welcome.


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