Spirit & Matter, Time & Consciousness

Matter Energy

‘There are two poles of universal being. One is Spirit, the other is Matter. The essence of both is Consciousness in different states of vibration. In the Spiritual pole there is complete fusion of Time and Consciousness which we experience as Timelessness, or undifferentiated Time. In this state Time-energy vibrates at such an intense rate that is appears static and thereby lacking any element of periodicity or denseness. Hence it cannot produce any form or any division of Consciousness-substance into distinct crystallised objects in Space. As time slows down the densification of consciousness becomes greater, we experience the extreme lengthening of Time and a consequent solidification of energy where Time is experienced in its most clearly defined periods. Indeed, Matter is but Consciousness jellied into countless forms by the crystallising action of Time. Between these polar extremes lie the dream states and planes of subtle matter. As Time is thinned out, so too Matter is rendered more subtle. In these realms, our ‘bodies’ also thin out and we immediately learn that because material density is lacking; it is possible to pass through walls, doors, even other ‘bodies’. Likewise what appear to be vast distances are crossed in the batting of an eyelid, because rigid time barriers are not met in the more subtle planes of universal being. In the less dense planes all is more fluid, but, at the same time, a certain element is lost which is the most precious gift of our material universe. Here we actually progress, we evolve, we develop, we grow—because we are conscious of Time in its densest aspect. The price we must pay for this gift is the ‘heaviness’ of dense matter, in that the other worlds are contained in our own. Thus we carry the burden in our dense physical of all the other worlds.’ -Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The New Way, Vol. 3

As Thea points out, when Time energy vibrates at such an intense rate that there is no Subject-Object awareness, all is One, undifferentiated, vast eternal plenum. Indian metaphysics calls this the “Brahman”experience. But through the contracting power of Saturn, the vibrations of Time energy are slowed down and Spirit becomes manifest as Matter. One then begins to experience the Material Pole of consciousness which is characterized by Subject-Object awareness or Dualism which gives rise to the Ego or the sense of separative self. You might think of this process in terms similar to H2O being able to take the form of vapour, steam, water or ice based upon variations of temperature that can either speed up or slow down its vibrations. Right now as you are reading this, you are probably experiencing reality from a slowed down subject-object awareness, linear time and an egoic identity (no offence). But what if you could speed up the vibrations of your consciousness, while here in the body, in proportion to Ice becoming Water or Steam? Surely you would SEE and experience things in a completely different way.

Well, the Gnostic Circle is the Key to this process … and its divisions are the octaves of that spectrum.