The Nehrus & India’s New Cosmology – Part II

Indira GandhiAn unbiased observer of Indira Gandhi’s life, her achievements, aspirations and emphasis, can easily appreciate that she held these concepts of the new age closest to her heart. The theme that consistently permeates the entire fabric of her public and personal life is unity – and above all, the unity and integrity of India. She strove to inspire people in India and elsewhere with the truth of the earth’s oneness, and in her own life gave constant examples of a personality and psyche unrestricted by ideological or religious barriers which hinder this process of unification and integration. In her death as well, she continued to demonstrate this same wideness, having succumbed to an attack by Sikhs who had not been removed from her security staff in spite of the difficult situation then prevailing. It is this consciousness of unity that forms the basis for the new world order, as reflected in India’s cosmological model for our age and centred on the Nehrus. Let us see now in what manner this is accomplished.

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For the Mayan, number power was foremost. For the Greeks the paramount concern was the harmony of orbits, – static, however, and devoid of dynamism which is the prerequisite of a model that incorporates time in its structure. The new cosmology India offers is a combination of both; there is orbital value and number equivalence correlated to time; and, like the Mayan model, its basic tool is the calendar—not restricted in this age to a particular civilisation, but the one used throughout the world today. I will demonstrate the manner in which the calendar works in this cosmology, and, above all, how the Lunar Line of the Nehrus figures in the most central part of the model via the calendar and its cosmic equivalencies based on a special perception of the harmonies of our solar system. In this way the reader can come to appreciate that a formidable power of destiny has been and continues to be at work in India. It has worked through the bloodline of the Nehrus, and its purpose is to establish a new world order once the experiment is successfully completed in the subcontinent.

This is the point to be stressed; the process being played out through this ‘dynastic succession’, so hotly criticised, is fulfilling itself regardless of any opposition or limitation the actual political systems in India and elsewhere seek to impose. The Lunar Line consists of four members, and they have all fulfilled the roles allotted to them in this cosmological pattern. We are witnessing here a power of destiny unique in history, supported by a cosmology which is also unique and is revolutionising previous concepts in the field, from ancient to modern times.

I will limit this discussion to the formula applicable to the Lunar (and Solar) Line. We start with our present number scale, 0 to 9. Forthwith it can be observed that India’s outstanding contribution to mathematics is basic to this cosmology. Unlike the Greeks and others who began their counts and built their systems on a progression from 1 to 10, this cosmology begins with the zero, and proceeds to the last number, 9. From a discovery of the most profound attributes of the zero, which cannot be dealt with in this brief space since a variety of fields of knowledge enter into the vision, a formula or equation results. This is a descending progression down the number scale thus: 9 to 6 to 3, finally ending with the zero by means of this triadic shift. There are thus four levels in the progression; but at the last, the zero, a dramatic change takes place. The zero throws up from itself the number 1; and thereafter the progression continues through the scale from 1 to 2 to 3, and so on.

With this basic pattern, let us see how the Nehru Lunar Line fits into the formulation.

The Lunar Line began with Motilal Nehru, extended to his son, Jawaharlal, then to his daughter, Indira Nehru Gandhi, and finally to her sons, Rajiv and Sanjay, both of whom fill the final position because of their identical number equivalents. Like the Mayan system this new cosmology makes use of the calendar and a numerological system of reduction of dates to a single digit in the traditional manner. To offer an example, let us take the following date, 1 January, 1985. By this method of reduction, this becomes 1+1+1+9+8+5=25, which in turn becomes 2+5=7. We use the same method of reduction for the birthdates of the members of the Lunar Line:

MOTILAL NEHRU 6. 5. 1861 = 9
JAWAHARLAL NEHRU 14.11.1889 = 6
INDIRA NEHRU GANDHI 19.11.1917 = 3
RAJIV GANDHI NEHRU 20.8. 1944 = 1
SANJAY GANDHI NEHRU 14.12.1946 = 1

Concerning the number 1, or the fourth poise in the scale, it may be noted that both Mrs. Gandhi’s sons were born on days whose numerological equivalents reveal the same harmony. Thus either one could occupy the fourth place, which seems to have been purposefully arranged given the fact that Sanjay died in an accident that put an abrupt end to his succession. But the most prominent feature of this scale, which has fulfilled itself to perfection in the Nehrus, is the change of direction at the fourth poise. In the above list I have indicated this by a line separating the sons from the rest of the Nehrus. Until the fourth level is reached we see a descending order, from 9 to 6 to 3. However, this descent or vertical direction is arrested at the number 3, in this case corresponding to Indira Gandhi. That is, she is the last element in the vertical descent. From her third poise a dramatic change must ensue. Indeed, the precise attribute of the 3 in this cosmology is the ability to construct a bridge, as it were, to the number 1 (via the zero). That is, the 3 must give birth to the new by of this drastic shift initiating a new direction, and in so doing the old is undone. It is very much like an actual birth process with its concurrent labour pains. For this reason this poise is the most difficult of all and the one that receives the bitterest opposition, because the demands made upon it are to undo the old while at the same time giving birth to the new. The 3 in such a cosmic process relates to our formulation of the Feminine Principle in creation, and hence its human equivalent is played out through a female birth.

From the fourth poise, or the 0/1, in metaphysics related to the Son Principle, an entirely new direction sets in. The descending progression makes a shift to a horizontal extension and a process of rapid expansion. We leave the triadic leaps and begin a movement through the number scale from 1 to 2 to 3, and so on.

A dispassionate assessment of Indira Gandhi’s career will bear ample testimony to the above. She inherited the old structure and was unexpectedly made the country’s third prime minister by the old guard of the Congress Party. No sooner had she begun her long career than the true power of the 3 in its attribute of breaking down the old and introducing the new became evident. The outer effects were the several splits in the party, without which she could not have carried on with her task. There has been much criticism of her in this regard, but from the more objective vision offered by this cosmology, her actions could not have been otherwise. An impartial study of her leadership in this light will reveal an individual perfectly in tune with this cosmic model that is ultimately to form the basis of a new world order. The method by which this is translated into such a radical change for the Earth forms the core of this cosmology.

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