More on Makar Sankranti & the Winter Solstice

Winter Solstice

An excerpt taken from Movement of Restoration of Vedic Wisdom:

‘From antiquity the Vedic/Hindu civilization has been founded upon certain eternal truths, forming the basis of the ancient dharma. It is a mythic civilization, rooted in the cosmic harmonies which permeate every facet of its culture, not merely as a passive reflection of a static cosmos, but as an applied dynamic knowledge. With the passage of the Ages, knowledge of these laws and harmonies became clouded over. The ancient Vedic scriptures, repository of these immutable truths, succumbed to interpretations which fragmented their original unity. As a consequence their sublime truths were either misinterpreted or lost. What arose in their place was a secular, scientific model of cosmic phenomena, imposing its own committed observations upon the celestial sphere. The most glaring evidence of this loss, brought about through a disconnection with Time, is the misalignment of the Hindu calendar. The Makar Sankranti, for example, which celebrates the change of the Sun’s Directions from the Lower Hemisphere (Daksinayana) to the Upper Hemisphere (Uttarayana) is now celebrated on January 14th some 23 days after the Winter Solstice. Confusion and chaos now reign in place of cosmic harmony and the Vedic way.

‘The urgent purpose of the Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom is to restore the ancient dharma and make it an active principle in Vedic/Hindu culture once again.’

By lori