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Veda - the Supreme Science of CreationVeda – The Supreme Science of Creation by Robert E. Wilkinson [2013]:  The Vedas are the world’s oldest and most profound scriptures. This collection of ancient mantras, prayers and hymns emerged fully formed out of the Indian mind and spirit during a period of great antiquity. Its name ‘Veda’ comes from the Sanskrit root ‘vid’ which means ‘to know’ or ‘to see’. This is not the kind of knowledge obtained through the ordinary conceptual process. Vedic knowledge is of a much higher order known as dristi, sruti, smriti; that which is seen, heard, and remembered, illuminations that arise as a direct revelation of truth in the soul. Owing to their sublime origins the Vedas represent a unique view into the nature of reality and offer an unparalleled knowledge of the cosmological principles that gave birth to our material creation. If we follow the history of the great scientific ideas from Copernicus to Newton to Einstein and Bohm and on to the modern theories of Hawking and Penrose, we will discover that most of these ideas, indeed far greater ones, were known and revealed by the Vedic Rishis many thousands of years ago. When these Vedic ideas are seen in their totality they reveal an irrefutable body of knowledge that not only exceeds our modern scientific understanding but reveals the tragic flaws of its reductive mental paradigm. Like the Pyramids of Giza, the Vedas are one of the greatest mysteries of the ancient world because they reveal a depth of knowledge that a ‘primitive’ civilization, according to our present view of history, could not possibly have known. Available in paperback and in ebook form on

Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom, cover

Geometric Keys of Vedic Wisdom by Lori Tompkins [2018]:  This book presents the recovery of long-buried geometric and zodiacal keys which unlock and reveal the true context and sense of the Rig Veda, the lore of Vishnu’s avatars, St. John’s Revelation and many other ancient mysteries or mythologies. The recovery of these keys builds upon the great yoga of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Thea, dismantling thousands of years of accumulated distortions, superstitions and religious dogmas that have arisen from world-wide ignorance of the occulted meaning and context of the Rig Veda. Subjects discussed include the evolution of consciousness and Supramental Yoga as well as sacred geometry, astrology, integral gnosis, symbology, the true origins of yoga, and the reestablishment of the eternal truth (Sanatana Dharma) of India’s Vedic Rishis or Seers in our day and Age of Aquarius. Click HERE for more information on this book, which is available in paperback and ebook form on Amazon.comAmazon.In, and Flipkart