There are two ways to post: 1) Click on “Post” in left sidebar under Pages or 2) If you want to have more control or edit your text, follow these instructions:

1. To create a new article or post:

1. Login with your account name and password; a white horizontal bar will appear at the top of the page above the header

2. Hit “Write post” and write your (new) post ! Then check one of the categories that show up in the list at the right

3. Save for non-authors (=wait for moderation) or Publish for authors (=don’t require moderation)

 2. Want to edit one of your already published posts/articles ?

Same as above, but now in step 2 go to Edit and you’ll see all your posts appear OR simply hit the Edit button next to the post title (login required).

3. Want to comment on a post ?

Hit the Comment button next to the post title (login not required) !

Have problems, questions or suggest improvements ?

Please mail to:

Chrono of recent changes:

  • More will follow, e.g. for the “heavy” stuff (MS-Word based documents, images, your photo album, etc.)
  • Fixed: The post form in the left sidebar now allows you to select a category.

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