The Tenth Day of Victory
by Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea)

An Initiation and Beyond
Volume One 1971-1974


The Tenth Day of Victory cover DurgaSummary: The Tenth Day of Victory is the autobiographical account of the author’s unusual initiation into the Supramental Yoga as introduced to the world by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. The story depicts the magical and sometimes disturbing events and circumstances that led the author and her son to the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, India. The author was living in Rome when she wrote the astrological allegory The Magical Carousel. During that time she tells of being pursued by a voice that introduced itself as the Mother, which led to an exchange of letters with the Mother of Pondicherry. In 1971 the author moved to Pondicherry to meet the Mother in person. The descriptions of the author’s time at the Ashram leading up to the Mother’s departure in 1973 convey both the seeds of the destined role she was to play in the evolution of the Supramental and Integral Yogas, and the seeds of the difficulties she would encounter in the course of her yoga. This book is an inspiration for those who wish to know more intimately how the Divine or Supramental Shakti is at play in and transforming our world.

Paperback, pictures, 324 pp., 2004; ISBN 0945747-33-0 - $24.00



Preface: 'Treading this path revealed the nature of the new world that is being born. This world can best be described as the field wherein the Truth-Consciousness is evolving and is gradually expanding from its 'seed' status to envelop the entire Earth field ... what is recorded in this study is the lived experience of the birth of a new world . . . a record of transition from the old to the new.' p. 11

a postmark from a letter sent to PNB by the Mother, 20.7.1972Chapter 13: [Concerning correspondence with the Mother]
'I found that not only had all the letters to and from Pondicherry been written on days of 9 number-power, but they had been received on 9-power days as well! . . . The letters invariably took nine days to reach me. . . . The Voice said, 'Now look at the stamp of the Pondicherry post office . . .'. And of course there, as clear as one ought to have expected, was the local post office seal with the date, 20.7.1971 . . . another 9!' pp. 97-98

Chapter 30:
[Ms. Norelli-Bachelet recalls events circa September of 1972] '. . . symbols were no longer simply abstract figures. They lived. There was no separation between what they 'stood for' and the actual figure. I had penetrated a realm in which these separations do not exist. I had entered a state of consciousness in which unity is the foundation. But more than that, I had finally reached the Source of every symbol, of everything in creation in fact. And that Source was the Divine Mother. She was that Circle, that 'symbol', denoting the All in its essential unity: all symbols emerged from the Circle. It was only one more step and that All could be reduced to Number. The number of the Circle was 9. The 9 was the Divine Mother. But there was the Zero, the Point. This followed the realisation of the 9 and the Circle. With the Zero the Knowledge was complete. And out of That came the whole of creation. This Silence was a fullness and no void. The void was the illusion. Only fullness was Reality.' pp. 206-207

Chapter 44: [Ms. Norelli-Bachelet recalls events circa October of 1973] 'I began understanding world conditions in the light of Sri Aurobindo's work, and seeing a coherent development on the backdrop of his vision and the new synthesis of cosmic harmonies which I had been provided with . . . . Thus for the first time I presented the new and revolutionary key by which I was able to see a harmony in creation, in the world, in Sri Aurobindo's work which, through the use of this key, provided at last a unified vision of our world. . . . Later I was to call this [key] the Gnostic Circle.' pp. 293-294

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