Simultaneity, Destiny and ‘The Magical Carousel’, -3- COMMONALITY

For Vishaal Study Group, 10 February 2007 [Link to Part 1 or Part 2]

AeonPerhaps the most distinguishing feature of birth on planet Earth is the fact that each individual is distinct from every other. There are approximately 6 billion human beings who have experienced the same birth process I described in Parts 1 and 2; and yet though the process is identical this factor of uniqueness is stamped on every individual at birth.

As the third planet from the Sun, the number 3 colours everything of significance that occurs here. It is the number-power of the Individual Divine of the sacred Trinity. Therefore birth on Earth is more than just a cosmic happenstance. This planetary abode is special in the System precisely because it is here that conscious evolving can take place. Various elements join to make that possible. An important element is the infant’s first breath at entry into the Earth’s material dimension to join its evolutionary process.

That breath contains something special in its own right. It is the condensed or distilled soul-essence of past experiences. Not all are of this Earth. Some may come from different planetary systems, faraway galaxies; even perhaps other universes. But what is important to note is that when Earth birth occurs it is a special grace because it indicates that the time has come to introduce a ‘higher destiny’. This can only occur in a System that has matured to the number 9 such as our own, and on the third planet of that System.

Our measure of 12 holds another key, as does the crosswise division of Equinoxes and Solstices. To be brief, there are all the ingredients available to Earth beings to live what the Veda describes as ‘the Journey’. It is the process whereby the 9 become the 10, and in so doing a new axial alignment is acquired and ‘all is made new’. We will go into these issues deeply now.

Billions of people now populate our planet, increasing exponentially each day. Many clamber for a glimpse of something higher, something that will make sense of their lives and why they have taken up station on Earth. For until they do come to understand their destiny and Reality as it truly is and not what Orthodoxy claims, they remain trapped in endless rounds of rebirth until that task is concluded.

In this light it is understandable that in the dark age we have entered after the Age of Krishna, methods were devised to seek escape from imprisonment on this wheel of death and rebirth. But this escape is imaginary; Destiny cannot be so easily duped. Furthermore, even as the individual born on Earth has the possibility of imprinting a higher destiny pattern, so too does the Earth as a ‘being’ enjoy that same potential at certain special crossroads of her own trajectory through time and space. The Earth Soul is a reality, as real as the most tangible substance we can experience. As with all human beings, the Earth’s soul is of the solar essence; it is what becomes woven into our deepest, innermost recesses of being at that moment of convergence when Sun and Breath join. As for the individual, so for the Earth as embodied being.

This special moment, when the Earth can experience imprinting or elevation to a higher destiny experience as the birthright of all her creatures hereinafter – or what Sri Aurobindo would describe as the establishment of a life divine on Earth – describes our very own astrological age in this 9th Manifestation of Sagittarius when boundaries are expanded. And in order for that to occur and for the Earth to realise her highest potential in her family of 9, the Third of the Trinity takes birth and lives the process just as the individual would do for him or herself. Therefore the Veda describe this Journey and the zodiacal progression from 1 to 12, step by step, for the human being and for the Earth herself, as a fully incarnate Being.

This happens at rare moments in the passage of aeonic time, perhaps only once in hundreds of thousands of years. Therefore we must make every effort to participate as consciously as possible in this unique Journey in which our individual destinies are joined to that of the Earth herself in the act of imprinting a higher destiny, collective and individual.

In light of the above, we better understand the myths handed down in different cultures throughout the world, especially the Indian. All describe a struggle between Gods and Titans for possession of the Earth whereby one or the other will conquer and establish their supremacy, or stamp their destiny forever after on the evolutionary sequence. In other words, never more would the Earth serve in the Divine Unveiling such as we experience today. She would be trapped forever in an alien world, devoid of purpose, an isolated entity at the service of Nothingness and Emptiness.

In our actual stage of development, when the 12 are known and the 9 fully unveiled, the aim of the Titans is clear. Above all else it is to halt the on-going movement at the 8th stage of Death as symbolised by the Scorpion, with all that this signifies.

The Gods, on the other hand, seek at all costs to prevent this usurpation and the victory of the Titans by helping the Earth in the release of hidden energies, those that the myth tells us are ‘hoarded away’ by the Asuric forces. Without this release the Aryan Warriors, sons and daughters of the Earth, cannot complete their God-given task: To secure the release of hoarded or blocked energy (by Death) that will permit the Earth to break loose from Inertia’s grip and to complete the Journey. What is described in the Veda and handed down from generation to generation as the individual’s birthright must be understood as the Earth’s own plight as a planetary embodiment in this special Age of Aquarius. It will help us understand better why I have written time and again that we face Creation or Destruction like never before.

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