A New Experience of Time & A New World Order

“INDIA”, said the Mother “is a divinely chosen country with a unique spiritual heritage. She is not the earth, rivers and mountains, nor simply the collective name for the inhabitants of this land. India is a living being, conscious of her mission in the world and waiting for the exterior means of its manifestation.

India alone can lead the earth to peace and a new world order.”

The Mother: “On the Destiny of India”

[This post is from “Programme Notes for the 6 Day Applications of The New Cosmology‘ Conference”, 20-26 September 2008, Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India, sponsored by Aeon Centre of Cosmology in collaboration with The Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom.]

A realization no longer present in the consciousness of most people today is the supreme importance of Cosmology and the role it played in ancient civilizations. The Vedic, Egyptian and Greek cultures, for example, were obsessed with celestial correspondences and dedicated themselves to the discovery and refinement of the lived experience of precision and truth which they called Rtam, Ma’at and Akribeia. They built their temples and holy cities according to these principles because they were known to exert a harmonious influence on both the people and the state.

When their cities or temples were conquered, destroyed or became irrelevant in the face of newer, more divine manifestations, the society dissolved into confusion and chaos, for without this sacred order linking the worlds of the gods and man, a harmonious existence was simply not possible. With each collapse however, came a new manifestation, a more evolved body of spiritual knowledge and a greater understanding of the Cosmic Order.

Out of this rise and fall of civilizations and their religions, myths, and monuments, we can see the procession of Earth’s consciousness moving toward ever higher levels of complexity, order, and Unity. And from this evolutionary perspective one cannot help but recognize the chaos and confusion that afflict us today as a symptom of a culture that has lost all sense of orientation and order. The world has fallen into a deep sleep from which it must now awaken. In order to do so, it must recover the cosmological knowledge the ancients possessed and the means to measure and apply these sacred principles to our modern lives.

As the most prescient Seer of our time, Thea has unveiled this supreme knowledge with a level of specificity unequalled by any past age. She has revealed it as the foundation of a new and emergent consciousness characterized by a perception of precision and unity, known as the Supermind.

One of the most tangible aspects of this new consciousness is a Supramental Cosmology that reveals India as the “Soul of the Earth” and the axis-mundi of our emerging Supramental species. In our Conference – Applications of The New Cosmology, we will examine these symbols and the knowledge of “The New Way” that makes possible an entirely new experience of Time and a new World Order.


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