Simultaneity, Destiny & ‘The Magical Carousel’ (1 – Convergence)

For Vishaal Study Group (6 February 2007)

AeonWhat I intend to write this morning is important. I have been delving into the question of destiny and the choices we make that carry us toward its fulfilment. For the ineluctable fact is that each one does have a particular, specific destiny; this cannot be denied. Usually at certain crossroads in life we are allowed to have a glimpse of the larger plan for ourselves, and we then seem to make more conscious choices. But the moment passes and the veils close in around us again; we are then driven along in total ignorance of where we are headed and, indeed, why we are here at all.

We accept that our natal horoscopes provide the image of that Plan for us as individuals. But when it is flat and uni-dimensional, then the viewpoint or the reading of the destiny contained in a particular chart is also flat and lacking in depth, breadth and height; what we might call its multi-dimensionality. It would then be a composite reading containing aspects of destiny which are not apparent if the chart is flat. It is still a broad view but with many details lacking which provide the nuances that are necessary in order to bring the destiny of the subject into sharper focus. We zero-in, as it were, to discover other aspects in the reading.

The horoscope – which is the condition of the heavens converging on an individual born on Earth at a particular isolated moment – is not simply uni-dimensional; that is, a flat horizontal plane like the first floor plan of the Mother’s Chamber (vide ). Contained within that singular moment frozen in time through the infant’s first breath is a vertical dimension. That vertical element is how imprinting is done when it meets the breath of the infant through which it makes contact on the material plane, localised in that frozen moment and stamped on the aether for ever after. Breath is the primary ingredient; therefore it is the first independent breath of the infant that marks the exact time for construction of the horoscope.

If we use the four plans of the Inner Chamber as our guide in this exploration into the deepest recesses of Destiny, the results are conclusive. The first, from the Transcendent’s poise, demonstrates the uni-dimensional overview, the broad lines of destiny that became imprinted when an fragment of time was captured as if on film by this unique arrangement. It shows us the horizontal which in the case of a horoscope is the stamp of the actual universal convergence on Earth at a particular location. It is physical entirely, but of a special order. The important factor we must note, if we wish to uncover the real nature of Destiny, is this question of convergence. This is the aspect of the operation that is the most essential ingredient for a deeper comprehension of just what a horoscope is. It is the subject’s first in-drawn breath that sets convergence in motion from all sides and breathes life into a particular destiny, or onto the CENTRE which is the individual soul.

One’s ‘time’ is given its unique pulsating rhythm from that moment of imprinting via the infant’s exhalation, a pulsation that is maintained for the rest of one’s lived experience on Earth. Woven into the inhalation and exhalation process is the pulse of the Sun, like a central Axis around which the individual’s own axis is yoked at the instant of suspension between inhalation and exhalation.

Sri Aurobindo embodied the Transcendent aspect in the Descent of the Solar Line. His life and works describe very accurately what a vision of transcendence can be. But regarding an individual’s horoscope, the breadth or scope of the vision would be determined entirely by the height from where one perceives. In Sri Aurobindo’s case it goes without question that he has given evidence of a poise so elevated that the diameter of the circle encompassed by the capacity of his seeing Eye was of a vastness that appeared to be limitless.

Since convergence is the most important aspect of Destiny to understand as it is presented to us in an individual’s horoscope, naturally this is the feature of astrology most hotly criticised by Science: the Earth-centeredness of the chart. But the first of the Inner Chamber’s plans reveals what this means. It is convergence onto the perfect centre (the Globe and the Pedestal) from all twelve sides of the Chamber [1] that takes place with the first in-drawn breath, joining the entire cosmic surround to the central (invisible) axis of that individual’s destiny. The vertical, which we will discuss further on, remains an essential element of one’s destiny but invisible, just as one’s breath is invisible but essential for life. After this imprinting of the converging moment frozen in time, the axial ‘ladder’ remains veiled as it were. To uncover this hidden yet essential aspect of one’s destiny a special process has to be undertaken. A new dimension is then added – the Vertical.

For most individual’s born on planet Earth that invisible ‘ladder’ just does not exist. Therefore the horoscope can be read as a flat, uni-dimensional chart. The broad lines of destiny are visible in this way and can be seen (the scope of which depends on how high the astrologer’s consciousness is poised), but any question of a ‘higher’ destiny does not exist in the conscious experience of the subject’s trajectory through Earth time. That is, it exists in potential yes, but only in potential. Until the process is experienced in time which causes the existence of the ‘ladder’ to be disclosed, there is, for all practical purposes, no vertical dimension to the horoscope.

That process is known in the Veda as ‘the 9 becoming the 10.’

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[1] ‘…The twelve walls are the months of the year’, the Mother stated in January 1970. See the Matrimandir Talks,


  1. This morning especially I am contemplating what it means to live a flat horoscope versus having the ‘lived experience’ that is dynamic and representative of a vertical process which decompresses the seed of my soul as it were. This is a very difficult consideration to make. The enormity of what the Solar Line has accomplished and contributed to the evolution is so magnificent that merely learning to see “the invisible ‘ladder'” is an accomplishment. Climbing the ladder which has been built for humanity then becomes both a grace and a responsibility.

    Learning to See with Gratitiude


  2. For a long time I thought there was such a thing as a ‘spiritual path’ or a ‘spiritual life’ lived by a select few… and I kept hunting for that. From my studies now with Thea I see there is no such thing.
    This essay opens up an important point for discussion: every person who incarnates at this time has a choice to live either a ‘lower’ or a ‘higher’ destiny during their earth-time.

    Students of The New Way make the study of The Gnostic Circle the central focus of their lives — it is their ‘key’ to the ancient knowledge once known on Earth by the Vedic Rishis. It is the ‘key’ to what is a lower or higher destiny.

    As I write now I think it could be considered ‘the ladder’ that Thea is referring to in her essay… once on the path, what is hidden ‘in potential’ becomes manifest and expressed.

    It is the ‘Sacrificial year’ of the Veda, expressed in living terms for the Age of Aquarius. Yes, with gratitude,


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