‘La Salle du Mensonge’

Written for students of the New Cosmology by Thea (Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet) Director, Aeon Centre of Cosmology, Skambha, 22.1.2009, 11 am. [This article was referenced in The Question of Alignment and the iconic 2012]

In early Ashram days there was a reading room where all the daily newspapers were kept and the sadhaks could read. It still exists. At a certain point the Mother was asked to name the room. She called it, La Salle du Mensonge, or the Room of Falsehood. If this was true in her time, imagine what she would feel about the state of the media in today’s world.

The extent this wave of falsehood covers now has so far exceeded what the Mother experienced then of the simple daily newspaper that it is almost laughable in comparison. Thanks to the electronic media that has proven to be an even more effective channel for the spread of anything and everything in the name of freedom of speech and the right to propagate one’s ideas, we live in a world so thoroughly polluted that the Mother surely would not have believed possible. At the same time, this media has played its part in the manifestations of our Age, – not in the spread of truth or even falsehood, as a surface assessment would indicate, but rather it has played a most significant role in the acceleration process we experience. This is of course essential for the purposes of the Supramental Shakti in this 9th Manifestation, given its Sagittarian significance. Without the ‘acceleration of time’, as I call it, the progress required could not be achieved. Primarily, the pace had to be revved up so that this could become the Age of the Great Churning like never before. In this the electronic and print media have played a very significant role. But it ends there.

Just observe how difficult it has been for my work to find proper channels for expression of its high Truth. On the other hand, for years my detractors have been maligning me at will through the media and with me the full Solar Line; because their objective is not to target me personally, though I have been the ‘chosen one’ for their destructive processes. Rather, the objective has been the destruction of the Work itself. Or at best to delay the inevitable Victory from occurring ‘on time’. Fortunately the Supramental Shakti has other devices and, as the myth explains, she is brilliant at using both positive and negative to further her aims. I will provide an example.

As you all know, I have sustained that George W. Bush will go down in history as one of the best US presidents. I still stand by this statement I have made on numerous occasions. I have done this in spite of the total pollution of the atmosphere engendered precisely by the various media which have been so diligently used to malign him, much the way I have been maligned. Unjustly, as some of you are inclined to believe. This state of affairs has recently been brought to my door in a personal manner. I have experienced the full extent of that pollution regarding the former president and have written about the pseudo-liberalism that caused so much of this pollution… This also made it possible for my detractors to hold so much power. In these matters it is not that they POSSESS POWER. Rather, it is that by blocking alone – the proverbial Vedic hoarding of the Cows – they are able to DECREASE what would rightfully be at the disposal of the agents of the Work.

We see this ‘hoarding’ to have been so effective (in serving the purposes of the One) during Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s lifetime. We see how it is a TOOL to keep them within a certain time schedule. Better put, this ‘hoarding’ is actually what creates the famous BOUNDARIES that exist in a number of areas. This may be collective or individual. It is also universal and pertains to a cosmic phenomenon such as Dark Matter, or Dark Energy. Hoarding is the key, and it is vital to understand how it functions because the time has come to extend those boundaries, which can happen only when we ‘cut the stinger’. At that point we experience INCREASE. The released energy that had been hoarded goes to the pressure FROM WITHIN THE SYSTEM to push or to extend boundaries outward. This then means that we embrace a larger sphere. We can do so without destruction experienced, as would happen if that influx were to take place without the ‘cutting of the stinger’, because we have gained an increase of energy, yoga shakti, properly speaking. This comes from the Source. Those ‘knots’ have for their purpose the holding back of power, similar to regulator valves – indeed, to the regulator genes on our own DNA biological structure.

When you are able to perceive the mechanism the evolution of consciousness employs you enter a sphere of greater truth where the pollution I am describing cannot take hold. It has no ‘power to sting’ any longer. And this mechanism and its understanding can be carried over to your own experience of yoga. This is what the entire planet must experience now. I have had some rather interesting experiences in this regard. Just last night I BECAME the Earth for a certain experience. I understood the tilt of her axis in its more profound significance. It is a question of LEANING which makes the ‘filling of the Void’ impossible. That ‘leaning’ has to be overcome if one is to stand beneath the rays of the Midday Sun. This is the essence of Capricorn.

In this light you can understand how important the loss of the correct time measure has been for Indian society. As well, you can better appreciate what I mean when I state that we have reached the border of Time, as it were. If this correction does not come about now, when the days/degrees are 23, we fall as civilisation’s repository and preserver of the ancient Tradition, into the ‘abyss of time’. The dharma is lost forever – or at least for the remainder of this cycle of 77,760 years. Of course being here among you makes that plunge impossible. Furthermore, we have crossed the threshold where defeat was a distinct possibility. But that should not make us complacent. The pressure on those positioned more centrally in the Work will increase, just as it is doing in these days: what was tolerated before cannot be sustained now. The time has come for a complete change, and it begins right here at Skambha.

All of this has been a mere introduction to the core of what I intend to write this morning. And it concerns that polluted atmosphere of falsehood that revealed itself concerning the presidency of George W. BushGeorge Bush. But first, let me explain WHY that outrageous pollution had to come into being, what its purpose was. The election just experienced had to see a man from the Black Community come to power. I have pondered over this for long and given you my point of view. Recently I was made to experience how I do impose my views on all of you and how this creates pockets of poison when it appears that you must suppress your own views in favour of mine, unthinking – a blind acceptance that has never been my demand. I vowed that I would stop ‘spreading the word’ as it were. But on deeper reflection I realise that nothing would become established of the higher things because of the limitations of your consciousness to assess the true things and not be carried away by waves sweeping across the Earth. This was made especially clear in the New York travel situation where we saw the extent of that pollution in full.

The need of the hour, however, was to create such a dreadful aura around the last administration that by sheer repugnance this black man would break through the most hardened barriers one can imagine possible and win the day. Added to this the outcome had to be brought about by presenting one such individual who was not burdened by a past of slavery, but nonetheless had the right colour of skin to be able to rally the Black Community to his side, and many others as well. He was simply unbeatable. But, please bear this in mind: he was unbeatable because of the pollution around Bush. Had that not been there I guarantee that Obama would never have been elected, no matter how great a candidate he might have been. The simple reason is that we are discussing centuries-old hardened crusts. No single individual, on his own, would have had the power to knock down those crusts. He had to be helped by the Negative. The pollution by the media was his greatest aid. That won the elections, not Obama. Added to this was everything that had been worked out during the campaign itself, as I wrote early on: the campaign was the real issue because certain accumulated ‘knots’ had to be unravelled in the larger context of what was required for the rest to unfold. This did come to pass. I need not enumerate, you can do that yourselves. The Republicans cannot do this job, only the Democrats. So when the Democrats come to power you know that a certain ‘layer of falsehood’ if it may be so called, is about to be dismantled. The Republicans are too ‘straight’ to serve the purpose, hence they are hated by the Liberals among you. This was clearly made evident in the Clinton imbroglio and Kennedy before him. You could say that Nixon too, a Republican, served the same purpose. But it was a different purpose then. I will elaborate another time.

The result now will be that widening of the boundaries which the released energy from the black citizens can now contribute, energy that had been hoarded away for at least two centuries. I repeat, no single individual could have accomplished this task. And this was what we witnessed of the Inauguration. Of course the tears were tears of accumulated guilt by the populace. His assumption provided that release too. It was symptomatic of what I am describing. We can go further to predict that America will have to deal with that release, to utilise it correctly. And that will be Obama’s test. He appears to be capable, but once in office it remains to be seen how long it will take before he realises what I have written in this analysis: that it is not HIS doing, HIS accomplishments, HIS victory, quoi. He has simply been a pawn – hopefully an instrument, but that would indicate a certain degree of awareness which I do not believe he has – for this process of dismantling the crusts of centuries and the extension of boundaries.

Bush, on the other hand, has been a far more aware person. Hence I would call him an instrument. The reason for this assessment is that he had to hold the torch amidst the most devastating onslaught of the Falsehood that has ever been mounted, for the purpose of getting Obama elected and without which that could not have happened. This dedicated man had to hold firm before what appeared to be the negativity thrown at him by an entire nation. Obama could not deal with such an onslaught. He may grow in stature to reach those heights. But for now he has to be aided from outside. Therefore the play of circumstances will do its part to push him into a corner, so to speak. The first indication is Pakistan’s and the Taliban’s reaction to his statement that Pakistan would have to prove itself regarding its sincerity in fighting its home-terrorism before any aid would be granted. The response from both groups was defiant. This will be his first test and perhaps the focus of his presidency.

I am including here the text of an interesting article I have just read on Bush’s presidency, mainly because of the happenings here at Skambha over this past week, which I have discussed above; but also because it is wise to present an ‘authority’ outside my ‘personal’ views which I base largely on an assessment of the inner fibre I sense of a person. It speaks for itself. Further, it brings home to me the reason why during the inauguration a political worker from the black community was interviewed briefly. I was struck by his downcast appearance: he was deeply troubled and depressed and confused. I gathered that he was a Republican supporter and the triumph of Obama was simply too overwhelming to bear. But there was more, it went deeper. He stated that he just could not understand why Bush had left the way he had and that the positive aspects of his presidency had not been acknowledged – just as the article I include points out. This disturbed him greatly. It must have also been on Obama’s mind at the end because he went out of his way to congratulate Bush on his achievements and to see him to the helicopter that would take him to his Texan home, in a very moving expression of appreciation. I am certain that now privy to certain inner workings of the White House, he felt ashamed and tried his best to make amends. Nothing else explains the unusual display of solidarity that he demonstrated at the end. Bush, for his part, was as always noble, a model of equanimity and fair play to the end. We will hear more of his valiant contribution in the years to come. As Ramakrishna once said, God does not allow a good man to be humiliated.



Andrew Roberts

The New Indian Express,

Friday, January 16, 2009, Madurai, India


While many will remember the President and his tenure with remorse, many nations around the world cherish his association.

The American lady who called to see if I would appear on her radio programme was specific. ‘We’re setting up a debate,’ she said sweetly, ‘and we want to know from your perspective as a historian whether George W Bush was the worst president of the 20th century, or might he be the worst president in American history?’

            ‘I think he’s a good president,’ I told her, which seemed to dumbfound her, and wreck my chances of appearing on her show. In the avalanche of abuse and media assessments of President Bush’s legacy, there are factors that need to be borne in mind if we are to come to a judgment that is not warped by the kind of partisan hysteria that has characterized this issue on both sides of the Atlantic.

            The first is that history, by looking at the key facts rather than being distracted by the loud ambient noise of the 24 hour news cycle, will probably hand down a far more positive judgment on Bush’s presidency than the immediate, knee-jerk loathing of the American and European elites.

            At the time of 9/11, which will forever rightly be regarded as the defining moment of the presidency, history will look in vain for anyone predicting that the Americans murdered that day would be the very last ones to die at the hands of Islamic fundamentalist terrorists in the US from that day to this.

            The decisions taken by Bush in the immediate aftermath of that ghastly moment will be pored over by historians for the rest of our lifetimes. One thing they will doubtless conclude is that the measures he took to lock down American’s borders, scrutinize travellers to and from the United States, eavesdrop upon terrorist suspects, work closely with international intelligence agencies and take the war to the enemy has foiled dozens, perhaps scores of would be murderous attacks on America. There are Americans alive today who would not be if it had not been for the passing of the Patriot Act. There are 3000 people who would have died in the August 2005 airline conspiracy if it had not been for the superb inter-agency cooperation demanded by Bush after 9/11.

            The next factor that will be seen in its proper historical context in years to come will be the true reasons for invading Afghanistan in October 2001 and Iraq in April 2003. The conspiracy theories believed by many (generally, but not always) stupid people – that it was ‘all about oil’, or the securing of contracts for the US-based Halliburton corporations, etc. – will slip into the obscurity from which they should never have emerged had it not been for comedian-filmmakers such as Michael Moore.

            Instead, the obvious fact that there was a good case for invading Iraq based on 14 spurned UN resolutions, massive human rights abuses and unfinished business following the interrupted invasion of 1991 will be recalled.

            Similarly, the cold light of history will absolve Bush of the worst conspiracy theory accusation: that he knew there were no WMD’s in Iraq. History will show that in common with the rest of his administration, the British Government, Saddam’s own generals, the French, Chinese, Israeli and Russian intelligence agencies, and of course SIS and the CIA, everyone assumed that a murderous dictator does not voluntarily destroy the WMD arsenal he has used against his own people. And if he does, he does not then expel the UN weapons inspectorate looking for proof of it, as he did in 1998 and again in 2001.

            Bush assumed that the Coalition Forces would find mass graves, torture chambers, evidence of the gross abuse of the UN’s Food-for-oil programme, but also WMD’s.  He was right about each but the last, and history will place him in the mainstream of Western, Eastern and Arab thinking on the matter.

            History will probably, assuming it is researched and written objectively, congratulate Bush on the fact that whereas in 2000 Libya was an active and vicious member of what he was accurately to describe as an “axis of evil” of rogue states willing to employ terrorism to gain its ends, four years later Colonel Kaddafi’s WMD programme was sitting behind glass in a museum in Tennessee.

            With his characteristic openness and at times almost self-defeating honesty, Bush has been the first to acknowledge his mistakes – for example, tardiness over Hurricane Katrina – but there are some he made not because he was a ranting Right winger, but because he was too keen to win bipartisan support.  The invasion of Iraq should probably have taken place months earlier, but was held up by the attempt to find support from UN Security Council members, such as Jacques Chirac’s France, that had ties to Iraq and hostility towards the Anglo-Americans.

            History will also take Bush’s verbal fumbling into account, reminding us that Ronald Reagan also mis-spoke regularly, but was still a fine President. The first MBA President, who had a higher grade point average at Yale than John Kerry, Bush’s supposed lack of intellect will be seen to be a myth once the papers in the Presidential Library in the Southern Methodist University in Dallas are available.

            Films such as Oliver Stone’s W, which portray him as a spitting oafish frat who eats with his mouth open and is rude to servants, will be revealed by the diaries and correspondence of those around him to be absurd travesties, of this charming, interesting, beautifully mannered history buff who, were he not the most powerful man in the world, would be a fine person to have as a pal.

            Instead of Al Franken, history will listen to Bob Geldof praising Bush’s efforts over AIDS and malaria in Africa; or to Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India, who told him: ‘The people of India deeply love you.’ And certainly to the women of Afghanistan thanking him for saving them from Taliban abuse, degradation and tyranny.

            The credit crunch, brought on by the Democrats in Congress insisting upon home ownership for credit-unworthy people, will initially be blamed on Bush, but the perspective of time will show that the problems at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac started with the deregulation of the Clinton era.  Instead Bush’s very un-ideological but vast rescue package of $700 billion might well be seen as lessening the impact of the squeeze, and putting America in position to be the first country out of recession, helped along by his huge tax-cut packages since 2000.


The Daily Telegraph

By lori