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The Nehrus & India’s New Cosmology – Part II

Indira GandhiAn unbiased observer of Indira Gandhi’s life, her achievements, aspirations and emphasis, can easily appreciate that she held these concepts of the new age closest to her heart. The theme that consistently permeates the entire fabric of her public and personal life is unity – and above all, the unity and integrity of India. She strove to inspire people in India and elsewhere with the truth of the earth’s oneness, and in her own life gave constant examples of a personality and psyche unrestricted by ideological or religious barriers which hinder this process of unification and integration. In her death as well, she continued to demonstrate this same wideness, having succumbed to an attack by Sikhs who had not been removed from her security staff in spite of the difficult situation then prevailing. It is this consciousness of unity that forms the basis for the new world order, as reflected in India’s cosmological model for our age and centred on the Nehrus. Let us see now in what manner this is accomplished.

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The Nehrus & India’s New Cosmology – Part III

Indira GandhiIn her death Indira Gandhi continued to serve this cause and to fulfil her role in this cosmic vision. Briefly, it can be explained in this manner: 1984 was a year corresponding to the fourth power/orbit/planet of this decade, a decade which is to see India well on her way to achieving her role in this new age. The number power of the year is itself 4 (1+9+8+4=22=4). For complex reasons, described in my books, the summer of 1984 was the most critical point of the decade, – what I have called, the Reversal Point. In the number scale 0 to 9, it marks the exact halfway measure, the 4.5. If we were to lay this scale against the solar system of 9 orbit/planets, this reversal point would fall at the Asteroid Belt. That vast abyss in our system presents us with a visual impact of the reversal point’s effects when experienced in time on this planet, housing, as it does, billions of particles of some shattered cosmic body that once occupied the zone. Continue reading ‘The Nehrus & India’s New Cosmology – Part III’

The Nehrus & India’s New Cosmology – Part IV

Indira GandhiAnother difficulty to be surmounted is the human being’s tendency to label events negative or positive, according to limited frameworks. In this regard, we may take Indira Gandhi’s assassination as an example.

In a more integral vision of events transpiring in time, a vision this new cosmology offers, death is simply the result of what I have called a conspiracy of circumstances. Be the cause illness, accident, old age, suicide or a volley of bullets, the only common denominator is this conspiracy of circumstances. Indira Gandhi’s demise was no exception. Continue reading ‘The Nehrus & India’s New Cosmology – Part IV’

The Makar Sankranti

Capricorn glyph on landmass of India - Patrizia Noelli-Bachelet, <i>Time & Imperishability</i>, Aeon BooksWhat role does the Makar Sankranti play both for the individual and the entire [Hindu] Samaj?

First of all it needs to be stressed that the process is both individual and collective simultaneously; even as it is unity and diversity simultaneously. This integral approach is the very first shift that has to take place in our consciousness if we wish to understand the Veda. It comes about when we reverse the direction of our quest to plunge into that innermost Point of our soul, the sanctum sanctorum each of us carries within – just as it is reproduced in every Hindu Temple. This is the significance of the Makar Sankranti as POINT; but above all as seed. Not just any seed but the Golden Seed of the Veda. Golden because it contains, compressed, the lost Ray/Cow of the Sun. The ‘lost Sun’ hides in that seed-enclosure; i.e., it is hidden in time as light, as energy, a theory that only certain very gifted contemporary physicists are coming to appreciate. Through Yoga the Aryan Warrior gains access and penetrates the Seed. He makes it his very own, while his consciousness is the soil that fertilises and helps the Seed sprout and spread its shoots throughout the world. Only the right timing (‘combination code’) for the Makar Sankranti can bring this about.

The Earth in her annual revolution around the Sun lives the very same experience. In Hindu tradition she has always been a personified being, a Goddess. In the Veda she is praised throughout; but nowhere as sovereignly as in the hymns to Usha, the divine Dawn who envelops the planet with the first pristine rays of a divine Solar Light. . .

The Light we seek, hidden within the time experience unique to this planet because of its rotational rhythms and position in the System, is compressed to a point at each Makar Sankranti. This is the itinerary of the ecliptic Journey, the setting, the stage, the base of the Rishi’s Sacrifice. There are landmarks, balancing pillars along the way in this journey – the four Cardinal Points which are unchanging, immutably positioned in time, and because of which they can provide stability to the individual and to the collectivity; therefore they bear eternal relevance. . . .

The Dharma cannot be called Sanatan if we jiggle these Pillars about and pretend that we are following the Vedic Path and are faithful to the Dharma of the Rishis. There are no sidereal/constellation locations [as in the Nirayana System followed in all Hindu temple worship] that bear any relevance to this Vedic way of the Earth and her inhabitants. That ‘beyond’ is not at all FIXED. Rather, in the Beyond (constellations) the notion of relativity and relativism arise in the seeker, who has been led off the Vedic path by the lure of escape from and dissolution of everything that connects him to his homeland, the Earth.

We speak glibly of a SANTANA Dharma, the ‘eternal’ Law. But what sort of eternal law, and consequent stability, can a shifting calendar provide the Hindu Samaj? The FLOATING AYANAMSHAS in vogue today, which bear no sanction in the Veda, are anything but stable and constant. Each second that passes of our Earth time causes that distant sidereal point light-years away to change position, thereby making that Ayanamsha with each passing second inoperable and inapplicable for any ritual. If the pundit is sincere to his trade, he must know this. He must know that yesterday’s Ayanamsha cannot be held today as valid because IT HAS SHIFTED IN THE HEAVENS, perhaps slightly, but shifted it has. Today it is not where it was yesterday. And if we add to this the complete impossibility to determine just where and what that Ayanamsha might be, then we understand why there is total confusion among the ranks of the pundits. And Hinduism suffers an increasing deterioration accordingly, with each ritual that propagates this illusion. . . .

Absolutism of the eternal Dharma lies within our grasp if we take the same Journey the Veda prescribes, poised on the immutable four Cardinal Points: the March Equinox – Cosmic Dawn; the June Solstice – Cosmic Midnight; the September Equinox – Cosmic Sunset; and last but best of all, the December Solstice – Cosmic Midday or Uttarayana, the highest position of the Sun whereby as a single Ray (the lost Sun hidden by Vritra) it descends to the Earth casting no shadows. And therefore it is known as the period of Victory for the Aryan Warrior; or, in the larger cycles of time, as the Golden Age, the Satya Yuga.

We need to understand the ‘seed’ nature of the Makar Sankranti and how it can be said that this is an experience of both the Earth, the individual and of the collective Hindu Samaj, all simultaneously on that very special Solstice. This is understood when we realise that Time itself is compressed to a seed at the December Solstice. The ‘shortest day of the year’ has no other factual significance for inhabitants of our special planet than this: compression to a point, compaction to a seed. The light of the Sun, those divine Cows/Rays, is compressed to this point-experience of Time when its measure reaches the extremes of itself [the Solstice or SHORTEST day of the year]. And then when the [Makar] Sankranti is observed with the right ‘combination’ – the right harmony of the Earth to the Ecliptic – the entire Hindu Samaj connects itself through this ‘seed-point’ to the replenishing Source from which it originally sprang. Today as in aeons gone by, it can drink once again of the waters the Goddess Mahasaraswati benignly releases abroad upon the world.

Hindu society, born from the realisation of those colossal Vedic Rishis, must not be cowered down by contemporary Science, which in these matters is but a babe in arms. Centuries must pass before the science we laud as the highest achievement of the human mind can reach the heights of the Rishi’s knowledge, primarily of what is certainly the most important element of our world – Time. For science Time remains a mystery along with its companion gravity. But not so for the Rishi. This inheritance has been passed down through Hinduism for centuries; but ‘forces’ interfered with the passage so that today we have SUPERSTITION in place of Veda. The ‘scientists’ can be thanked for this disaster that has befallen the sacredmost bhoomi of the Earth.

[Excerpts from: ‘On Reorienting the Self Toward Vedic Consciousness – Letters from Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet to an Inquirer’, Nov. 5, 2006]

A Hymn to Durga by Sri Aurobindo

A Nice Prayer for the New Year! (2008)

Durga Mother Durga! Rider on the lion, giver of all strength, Mother, beloved of Shiva! We, born from thy parts of Power, we the youth of India, are seated here in thy temple. Listen, O Mother, descend upon earth, make thyself manifest in this land of India. Continue reading ‘A Hymn to Durga by Sri Aurobindo’

Sri Ram’s Horoscope & the Preservation of Astrological Knowledge

An exchange between Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet (Thea), President of Aeon Trust and Director of Aeon Centre of Cosmology in southern India, and SaiSrinivasan, Executive Officer, Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Administration Department of Government of Tamil Nadu [1] and Trustee of Aeon Trust.

SaiSrinivasan: I have reproduced here the horoscope of Sri Ram from a book which I have with me. In fact my father was worshiping Sri Ram’s horoscope in his pooja room.

First house – Sun, Mercury.
Second –
Third – Kethu.
Fourth – Lagnam, Jupiter, Moon.
Fifth –
Sixth –
Seventh – Saturn
Eighth –
Nineth – Rahu
Tenth – Mars
Eleventh –
Twelveth – Venus.

The month is Chitra, Nakshatra is Punarvasu and Zodiacal sign Cancer according to Valmiki Ramayana. But the dates differ now because of Nirayana. . . .

Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet: Yes, Sai, this is correct, this is the horoscope that is given out as Sri Ram’s, but of course it is not his actual horoscope. Nonetheless, it is interesting because daily your father was worshiping the sacred art of astrology through this horoscope, though it was not Ram’s, and doing his part to preserve the ancient Knowledge even without realising it. It was the chart as of the IDEAL MAN that the 7th Avatar incarnated, hence Ram was the best channel for this ‘ideal’ preservation. To illustrate: the Sun is in Aries (Chitra) which is its EXALTATION . . . . Thus, they are in the 3rd and 9th in Ram’s chart as well. The important sign/house is the fourth, Cancer, and this would be interesting for those Dakshinamurthy temples, giving the proof of the EXALTATION OF JUPITER IN CANCER, the fourth sign of the tropical zodiac, the ‘south’ Cardinal Point. It is ruled by the Moon, and so they locate the Moon in that sign/house also. Since it is considered his ‘lagna’ or ascendant, they read it as being his birth sign, and not where the Sun is found (Aries), as we do today, but rather Cancer. It is of course interesting that Cancer is the last sign of his descent as the 7th Avatar. The 7th Manifestation of Ram, according to my Map of the 12 Manifestations [2], would consist of the signs Virgo, Leo and Cancer. Then the hand of the Time-Spirit moves on to start the 8th Manifestation of Krishna and the first sign met is Gemini. (This is all according to the Precession of the Equinoxes which moves BACKWARD through the zodiac. See The Gnostic Circle for all details. [3]) For me this sign of the twins, Gemini, is really Luv and Kush, Ram and Sita’s twin sons. They carried the legend of Ram throughout the land it is said. You could say they prepared the way for Krishna’s appearance 6000 years after Ram in the 8th Manifestation. The Twins opened the way and Gemini, the sign of the Twins, indicates their part in the Descent. They appear in this way as the carry-over from Ram’s appearance to Krishna’s, 7th to 8th, with Gemini, the Twins as the bridge. How beautiful. How coherent. . . . To continue:

– Saturn is located in Libra, the 7th sign/house, and that is Saturn’s EXALTATION
– Mars is located in the tenth sign/house which is Capricorn its EXALTATION
– Venus is located in the twelfth sign/house, Pisces, where it is in EXALTATION.

So, you see, this is clear proof that Ram’s horoscope was only to preserve the knowledge of the signs, rulership and exaltations, which is the basic structure of astrology and what needs to be preserved in times of darkness and attacks. Every planet is in EXALTATION or RULERSHIP. By making it Ram’s ‘horoscope’, it was assured that his devotees, such as your father, would help to preserve the Knowledge down the ages by means of his daily worship. Obviously to actually believe that this was the configuration of the heavens at the time of his birth is to miss the point entirely. But this is an example of just how completely the Knowledge had been lost. No one realised the truth! Researchers continue today to try and ferret out when in aeons gone by the heavens reflected this arrangement so as to know the date of Ram’s birth! Of course that never happened. They have missed such an obvious point! What a beautiful example this has been . . .

By the way . . . this is conclusive proof that the Tropical Zodiac and NOT the Nakshatras has been the system all along. For as long as this ‘horoscope’ of Ram’s has been circulating, it has been the Sayana system. Everything I have indicated in my analysis of the chart was entirely with the Tropical Zodiac. There is no Nakshatra business at all involved. In fact, with the Nirayana system you would not be able to understand what Ram’s horoscope really means. All the rulerships, exaltations, and so forth, are properties of the Tropical Zodiac. My Lord, what a mess India is in. This Niryana deviation has brought a terrible darkness to prevail . . . Thea

1-2 September 2007

[1] SaiSrinivasan is the Executive Officer for the following temples in Tamil Nadu:

1. Sri MahaMariamman temple, Valangaiman, Thiruvarur District.
2. Sri Kailasanathar temple, Valangaiman, Thiruvarur District.
3. Sri Kothandaramar temple, Valangaiman, Thiruvarur District.
4. Sri Arunachaleswarar temple, Valangaiman, Thiruvarur District.
5. Sri Swarnapureeswarar temple, Andankoil, Thiruvarur District.
6. Sri Pasupatheeswarar temple, Avoor, Thiruvarur District.
7. Sri Anatheeswarar temple, Saluvanpettai,Thiruvarur District.
8. Sri Lakshminarayana Perumal temple, Saluvanpettai.
9. Sri Kalinganarthana Perumal temple, Uthukadu, Thiruvarur.10. Sri Ayyanar temple, Kiliyur, Thiruvarur District.
11. Sri Lakshminarayana Perumal temple, Udayalur, Thanjavur.
12. Sri Kailasanathar temple, Udayalur, Thanjavur District.
13. Sri Selvamakaliamman temple, Udayalur, Thanjavur District.
14. Sri Lakshminarayan Perumal temple, Mathur, Thiruvarur District.
15. Sri Kamakshi temple, Sithavalur, Thiruvarur District.

[2] Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, ‘Map of the 12 Manifestations’,
[3] Patrizia Norelli-Bachelet, The Gnostic Circle,

Announcement 3 – Matrimandir Action Committe

Matrimandir Action CommitteeThe Room must be seen in its time aspect as well as its space aspect…its power and purpose are revealed only when we observe its history from the moment it was pulled down into the Earth dimension from the subtle plane of Truth, – from the moment it began its history in Time, for Time is the method by which sense, purpose, meaning is written into form, into Space. Hence the chamber’s fundamental aspect of Integration is revealed by this method and is understood by a thorough study of its being in Time. In so doing we discover the role all powers and forces play in the development, and how they are all a necessary part of its history and must, each one of them, be integrated and find their places in the new world. That is, the chamber reveals a process of transmutation of energies, accomplished on the basis of an integration of all powers – the dark and the light.’

PNB – 1977
The New Way, Volume 1, Chapter 10,
The Rooting of the Truth-Consciousness, p. 148
Aeon Books (1981)

There are especially significant verses in the Rig Veda which make reference to a new Heaven and a new Earth. The phrase also figures most prominently in the last book of the New Testament, The Revelation. We realise by this across the continents, across the board, across the ages happening that there must be something special here, something to discover which may have the power to transfigure our lives. And indeed this is so. The revelations around the Mother’s chamber allow us to draw aside veils that have clothed this mystery for thousands of years.

I have pointed out the unusual nature of the phrase due to its quasi oxymoron quality. We can quite easily understand what a NEW Earth might mean; but what of the really inscrutable mention of a new Heaven?
No one has explained how Heaven can be ‘made new’. It would appear to contradict what spirituality and religions have always sustained: Heaven is unchanging, extra-cosmic above all. Therefore there can be no ‘newness’ attributed to it which would be a contradiction in terms since ‘newness’ requires movement leading to change, precisely a property of the cosmic manifestation. By common accord Heaven’s very essence is considered immutable, the epitome of stable and unchanging extra-cosmic Permanence.

The verse quoted from the Mahamaya in Announcement 2, does throw light on this precise situation: a ‘heaven made new’. When it is stated that the measurements of the temple projected onto the cosmos make of that universal surround a ‘perfection as well’, readers of the Chronicles and the three Volumes of The New Way can readily understand exactly how this elusive ‘new Heaven’ comes into being. We have the entire process detailed in the Chronicles and Updates: the ‘perfect measurements’ describe that ‘new Heaven’. The temple’s Inner Chamber is the new model of the universe sought after by many esoteric schools, the last of which was Gurdjieff’s in the 20th Century.

All these attempts were unsuccessful because none were based on Sruti, the Vedic revelation. None were inspired by Mahasaraswati.

Thus, Heaven remained the old and incomplete projection of thousands of years which unveiled no newness. On the other hand, the measurements as given by the Mother in her momentous act of seeing have done exactly what the Mahamaya joyously proclaims: the perfection of the measurements holds the secrets of that New Heaven. And this is what ‘descends’, this alone can make the Earth new.

But above all else to note is that it is from the Earth that the Vision arises.

When we have removed the veils covering the meaning of these sacred verses, can we join in celebrating the completion of a Matrimandir in which nothing of the Sacred exists, which is only a celebration of a human labour giving form on the material plane to a human vision inspired by the human ego?

What then, we must ask, has been the objective of these parallel developments over the past 36 years? For surely in a ‘new Heaven’ of the Supramental Gnosis, where control is its key feature, a development of this unusual order cannot be outside its purview. Rather, we discover with an in-depth observation that without the human labour, unrelenting and steadfast, the Yoga of the Chamber, and finally the Yoga of the Chronicles of the Inner Chamber, could never have been successfully completed. Heaven could not have been made new. And without that, as described in great detail in various fora of the New Way, the Earth could not have been transformed to express her own unique newness, a perfect reflection of that Heaven.

To be more specific, the negation of the builders of Matrimandir, with their constant rejection of every item of the Mother’s vision and plan of her Inner Chamber, rooted the process in that one point on Earth. The product of their efforts has become a mirror image, but in the negative. What is not a part of that new Heaven is captured in the Auroville building. But the Divine Nectar that arose from the churning of the Titans and Gods is the vision of Heaven itself transformed,

Heaven made new. [‡]

Now we can enter the secret chamber where the knowledge of all that is New is hidden. And there we see Vishnu in control of the great churning of the Ocean of Time where all things are brewed, pressing down from above on the Axis of Light – gau, the solar Ray of 365 days – of that Chamber, holding it steady and firmly rooted in the Earth, making sure that both Titans and Gods complete their allotted tasks.

When duly completed neither can claim the prize or proclaim ‘Victory’, for it is only Vishnu Himself who is victorious.

The Titan’s labour in Auroville signified that what might have taken centuries to accomplish was done in the mere prescribed 36 years from 1971 to the present, – a remarkable acceleration never before experienced. They pressed forward like blinkered steeds in Pluto’s Underworld to complete the four enneads covering all four planes of Being, – the Supramental/Spiritual, the Mental, the Vital, and finally the Physical. Nothing luminous was allowed to be made a part of the building, only the labour. But that in itself is praiseworthy; for the Gods sin by their inability to hold firm. They are necessary in the plot to goad the Titans to themselves hold firm for the required period while Time gestates the brew of the new Age of Vishnu, which Sri Aurobindo has so cogently described in this Aphorism:

‘Family, nationality, humanity are Vishnu’s three strides from an isolated to a collective unity. The first has been fulfilled, we yet strive for the perfection of the second, towards the third we are reaching out our hands and the pioneer work is already attempted.’

In this Aphorism we have confirmed how step by each of Vishnu Trivikrama’s three magical Strides we reach the goal of our times. These are described, as per the Rig Veda: the Lion, the Bull, and lastly the Friend. It confirms that Sri Aurobindo understood how the Strides are related to the appearances of the last two Avatars of Vishnu, Rama and Krishna (the zodiacal Lion – or the Family as in his epic, the Ramayana; and the Bull – the Nation, as in the expanded Mahabharat). And that with the final stride, in the Veda referred to as ‘the Friend’, it is Sri Aurobindo himself who comes to fulfil the Divine Order in the Aquarian period of Mitra, the Friend. Only the Evolutionary Avatar of the Transcendent 9, by his own passing and rebirth in Earth time in a connected line, can bring into being that New Heaven for all of humanity.

Matrimandir Action Committee
9 July 2007

[‡] In The Mother’s Agenda, Volume 1, entry dated November 7, 1961, the Mother reveals just how pervasive interest was in discovering the hidden meaning of this phrase by various groups: ‘…There is also what Theon and Madame Theon used to say. They never spoke of “Supermind”, but they used the same thing as the Vedas, that the world of Truth must incarnate on earth and create a new world. They even picked up the old phrase from the Gospels, “a new heaven and a new earth” which is the same thing the Vedas speak of…’

POSTSCRIPT: The full higher knowledge content of the Chamber as per the Mother’s Plan with its precise measurements was known in the 1970s, when attempts were made to convince the builders to revert to the original, and writing The New Way was in progress. As indicated by the quote at the top and attested to by its three volumes, the understanding of the role of all the participants was known from the beginning; as well as the sublime participation of Vishnu himself. From those earliest days it was ‘seen’ that what was being played out was the grandest of Vedic myths, the Churning of the Milky Ocean. But what was not seen then, the most amazing part of the saga by far, which has surfaced only now, is that both tasks would be completed exactly within the pre-determined period of 36 years – simultaneously. (12/7/2007)

Announcement 2 – Matrimandir Action Committee

Matrimandir Action CommitteeFurther to the first Announcement regarding the important breakthrough in matters Vedic connected to the Mother’s vision of the Inner Chamber, this additional material, with specific references to the Chronicles of the Inner Chamber (CIC) that MAC has been posting to interested parties throughout the world, will further clarify how the Chamber becomes a corrective Cosmic Time-Piece to serve the Vishnu Avatars.

This ‘service’ is rendered only when the accurate measurements are maintained as given by the Seer – in this case the Mother. Therefore it is stated in the Mahamaya of ancient times,

‘If the measurement of the temple is in every way perfect,
there is perfection in the universe as well’ (XXII, 92).

These words are inspired by the same wisdom we find throughout the MAC Chronicles, for example in those where the Sacrificial Year is discussed that has to be RE-SET to bring it back to the Vedic alignment. It is further to be noted that in disregarding the importance of a meticulous care in incorporating the measurements as given in the plan drawn up by the Mother herself, in addition to all the design details she had specified, the present building in Auroville readying to be inaugurated has no significant purpose except to serve as a political toy. Whereas, in the Chronicles of the Inner Chamber the precise PURPOSE of the Mother’s original vision and plan is explained in great detail, revealing the method whereby Order is restored to the universe and heaven descends upon Earth.

The most significant and relevant measurements given by the Mother are 1) the diameter of the Globe – 70 cm; and 2) the length of the descending solar Ray – 15.20m., from the top of the Chamber to the top of the Pedestal. This indicates a horizontal and a vertical measuring process. Without these the task of re-setting the Cosmic Timepiece cannot be accomplished; without these two measurements there can be no re-setting, and then the Hindu Line of Ten ceases to exist as the central Axis of Hinduism and its binding force. The Epics themselves drift into irrelevancy and the Dharma is lost forever.

With these two measurements it is established that the Vedic Sacrifice, extended over the 365-day Earth Year, rests on the four Cardinal Points. In Chapter 1, Volume 2 of The New Way (Aeon Books 1981), the exact details of this spectacular revelation are given, with accompanying diagrams (p. 219) that indicate how the Equinox of 21/22 March comes into being at the exact centre of the Globe. This is called the Year of Space, and its structure is fourfold and twelvefold.

However, of equal if not more importance is the Year of Time, extended down the very same solar Ray (‘cow’/gau) of 365 days; its structure is threefold and ninefold. But this sacredmost measurement indicates the year of Sri Aurobindo’s passing and how and through whom his return would occur. Based on the measurement of the Globe, the Pedestal’s height is extracted (CIC 7); thereby we are informed of the year that this Return would transpire, – 1963, or 13 years after 1950. None of this is verifiable or even at all perceivable if the Nirayana system of Nakshatras is the basis used in temple worship and calendar specifications.

Therefore we state that the Avatar, and ONLY the true Evolutionary Avatar and not the Usurpers, comes to re-establish the Dharma by re-setting the Cosmic Clock which mechanism is his own cosmic credentials. None of the Usurpers can lay claim to equal cosmic credentials which in themselves are able to re-set the Universal Clock to its accurate Zero Point and restore the Vedic Order as traced across the cosmic horizon by Vishnu Trivikrama. Only the Divine Maya can serve Vishnu in this sacred Mission. But to obstruct Him, to seek to have Vishnu fail to execute his perfectly measured Strides, the Usurpers must preserve the prevailing false and un-divine Maya that has been ruling over the Hindu fold for far too long.

Therefore, is the Mahamaya ‘fanciful’ or ‘quaint’ when it sings of the ‘perfection of the universe’ coming into being when the measurement of the temple ‘is in every way perfect’?

Matrimandir Action Committee
and Movement for the Restoration
of Vedic Wisdom
7 July 2007

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The Dawn of a New Era

Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom It has come to pass that approximately two dozen temples in a district in Tamil Nadu, renowned for its Vedic studies, will be celebrating the forthcoming rituals according to the Vedic Sayana/Tropical Zodiac system. The first will be the up-coming Gokulashtami – 6 August. All the rest of the Observances will follow as per the Tropical Calendar. This occurrence is being given wide publicity throughout India. It coincides with the Tamil translation publication of our Movement’s ‘Manifesto’.

With this most important breakthrough many devotees and temple authorities will begin to ask questions – and this is what we had hoped for. The only way falsehood can be prolonged is when it succeeds in obscuring the Light, for the truth is to be found in the actual history of how and why the Nirayana system of astrological/temple calculations came to be adopted. The story is rather incredible, as the reader will now note.

As Convenor of this Movement, in various platforms I have been reporting my discoveries of the 12th Century scholar-traveller Al Biruni’s influence over Hindu Pundits in the question of shifting from the Vedic Tropical Zodiac as backdrop for the yearly Sacrifice to the un-Vedic system of measuring the passage of the year on the backdrop of the distant Constellations. The Vedic system must be balanced on the unchanging four Cardinal pillars of the Tropical Zodiac, which do not hold any prominence in the Nirayana system advocated by Al Biruni. He wrote in his famous document, India, critiquing Varamihira’s Brhad Samhita, ‘The solstice has kept its place, but the constellations have migrated, just the very opposite of what Varaha has fancied’ (India, II, p.7). In other words, an entirely different, distant ‘circle’ is proposed by the scholar, and it later found favour with Hindu Pundits. He appeared on the scene in the 12th Century, but it took many more centuries and the invention of the printing press for the final death blow to occur with the adoption of the un-Vedic Nirayana method by Hindu almanac providers.

The adoption of this un-Vedic method of calculation, binding on all Hindus throughout the world and which has brought so much confusion into Hinduism, was for purely commercial reasons. There was no great and illuminating revelation – sruti, dristi – involved in the switch to this un-Vedic system; whereas we have verses preserved in the Rig Veda and the Atharva Veda indicating specifically that it is the Tropical Zodiac ONLY that must be followed. On the other hand, when printing presses were engaged for the preparation and dissemination of the calendar of observances, the entire operation of preparing timings for temples and astrologers became one of commercial interests rather than to be at the service of the sacred. There was no VEDIC basis involved in the introduction of the current Nirayana system of calendar observances for Hindus, – a tragic state of affairs.

Today this commercially-inspired development has caused chaos to reign in matters that should be luminous and unquestionable. There is no ‘authority’ within the current Nirayana system who can defend its unillumined origins, or in any way demonstrate its superiority over the Vedic method of calculation. The Chief Pundits of the temples themselves rely entirely on almanac writers whose vested interests are served by propagating a Bija Correction to establish an exclusive Ayanamsha starting point that he or she can ‘prove’ is superior to other almanac producers. This is the way exclusivity is maintained by the different Pachangakars. If they seek to increase their popularity – and of course the sale of their Almanacs – they must simply claim that their ‘correction’ is more ‘scientifically accurate’.

The truth is that there cannot be any such accuracy in the Nirayana system. Science cannot determine any ‘accurate’ Ayanamsha in the circle of CONSTELLATIONS which is constantly shifting. That is, the various Ayanamshas proposed in the un-Vedic system float in a void, as it were. The ‘circle’ they are measured against is not prescribed in the Veda precisely because it is not FIXED. The only truly scientific and astronomically correct system is the Vedic Tropical Zodiac, the Sayana system, WHICH NEVER VARIES: each year the Ayanamsha for the correct start of the Hindu calendar of observances is the same, – the Equinox of 21 March.

The falsehood that has taken hold, the lie that must be exposed is this question of ‘scientific accuracy’ of the Nirayana system over the Vedic Sayana method, which does not in any way serve Hindus but only the vested commercial interests of Almanac Publishers. Their claims have no Vedic sanction at all.

But here is the saddest part: their adoption by different astrologers and temple pundits is similar to drug addiction. Once astrologers decide to adopt one of the numerous almanacs on the market, proffered through a particular family of astrologers, gurus or pundits, forever after they must continue to use that Almanac with its exclusive ‘bija correction’ that makes it different from the other competitors in the field. All horoscopes constructed on the basis of a particular selection will be INVALID if the astrologer were to shift allegiance to another publication. His or her whole life work would crumble. These astrologers and temple pundits are trapped forever by this falsehood that serves only the commercial interests of certain almanac publishers without any authority from the Higher Knowledge of the Veda.

With this declaration accompanied by the Tamil edition of our Manifesto and the Vedic observances in certain important temples in Tamil Nadu – precisely the land of the Preservation Guna in the trifold map of the Capricorn symbol-map of India – we start a new chapter for the benefit of the entire Hindu Samaj.

4 July 2007

The Convenor
Movement for the Restoration
of Vedic Wisdom

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